A somersault is an acrobatic move or exercise where you flip head over heels through the air. You can do a somersault in many different ways. These include front somersaults, back somersaults or even side somersaults. They can be done while in the air, or while on the ground. Ground somersaults are also known as rolls. This variable exercise is extremely popular and can be traced back to the oldest generations of society.

There are tons of different types of somersaults with three distinct recognized versions standing out. You can somersault in the piked, tucked or straight position. These variations are defined and mentioned in diving, gymnastics and trampolining competitions among others.

Somersaults are also defined and described based on how far the person rotates. In other words, a one and a half somersault dive would be one full rotation plus half of another. These somersaults and variations are many. They include various types of landings as well. Some somersaults are back landed and others are front landed. This refers to the way the somersaults are finished when you come down.

You can also do several other types of somersaults that are variations of triple, double and twisting somersaults. The number of rotations usually determines which body landing would be executed.. These triple somersaults and double somersaults are among the more amazing feats in gymnastics today.

You can really get confused about somersaults if you look at various sports and how they name their moves. Snow boarding, skiing and skateboarding consider flips to be something entirely different than trampolining for example. Gymnastics slightly differs as well from BMX and other sports that describe this popular move. Some completely make up new names that involve flips so that they have a lock on what they are called.


The origins of the Somersault

The origins of the name somersault trace back to France, England and a number of other places. It appears people have been flipping since time began. There are pictures even on Egyptian walls that depict people somersaulting over one another.


Types of Somersault

Some types of somersaults include a Barani, Rudolph, Randolph, Full back, Full front, half, Adolf, Double full, Double full back and a half out just to name a few. Each of these is described by describing the somersault action, the number of twists or flips and sometimes the landing point. Each of them are fantastic in their own way.



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